Medication Forms

Please ensure that you are aware of Expiry dates on Medication stored at school or in your child's school bag and replace when required.

If any of your child's Health Information has changed, please complete the Student Health Care Summary;

Student Health Care Summary Form


If your Child's Anaphylaxis or Allergy details have changed, complete the following forms. These forms need to be signed by a Doctor;

Action Plan Allergic Reactions

Action Plan Anaphylaxis

Severe Allergy Anaphylaxis Management Form


If your Child's Asthma details have changed, complete the following form. Please also provide an Asthma Action Plan issued from your Doctor;

Asthma Management Form


If your Child requires Short Term Medication, please complete the following form, ensure you note the duration dates, expiry dates, storage requirements and remember to sign;

Short Term Medication Form