Student Services Team

The Student Services Team provides a forum for staff to discuss students and their families who may be ‘at risk’ socially, emotionally, physically or academically. 
Referrals to the Student Service Team are traditionally made by classroom teachers using data and go through Line Managers. However, given the current climate we are making the Student Services Team available to parents, using the Student Services email address; (please copy and paste into your email 'To' section if the link is not available)
If you are concerned about your child/children's health and well being, we recommend the following;
  • Access the recommended support services as previously communicated and attached.
  • Speak to your GP and inquire about a referral to a Psychologist for additional support
  • Email the Student Services Team for support and guidance
The Student Service Team’s role is to: 
  • Share information 
  • Respond positively and promptly to any student concerns 
  • Build and maintain positive and collaborative working relationships with parents  
  • Make referrals to external agencies where appropriate 
  • Demonstrate and promote an ongoing commitment to the mental health and well being of students and families
At Ashdale Primary School the following School Services may be involved to support students: 
  • Deputy Principal - Mrs Neisha Bosch
  • School Psychologist - Mrs Verona Howard 
  • School Chaplain - Mrs Tammy Bija
  • SWAN Coordinator - Mrs Candice Holman

NOTE: Currently, Verona will not be completing assessment based services during this time as her focus will be on student mental health and well being.

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