Whole School Approaches in Numeracy

  • Our focus and initiatives for each year are outline in our MAP (Maths Action Plan)
  • Teaching and learning is based on the Western Australian Curriculum, including the proficiency strands of Fluency, Problem Solving , Understanding and Reasoning.
  • Use of Numeracy Blocks and Madeline Hunter’s effective lesson design.
  • Common assessment and moderation tasks across all year groups.
  • Numeracy improvement planning based on data from On-Entry testing, NAPLAN, Pat Maths Test and Westwood Basic Facts Test.
  • Problem Solving Focus. Use RUCSAC (Read, understand, choose, solve, answer & check) and Problem Solving Toolbox of strategies. (Eg. Draw a diagram, Guess and Check, Work Backwards)
  • Mental Calculation Strategies focus. (Eg. Counting on and back, build to 10, doubles, halving)

Other Numeracy Initiatives

  • We are working towards becoming a Maths Active school through MAWA (Maths Association of WA). To achieve this status, we are members of MAWA and we provide whole school Professional Learning in Mathematics teaching and learning.
  • We have students enter the state Maths Talent Quest and run whole school or whole year level mathematics programs. Including, for example, Numero (Years 5 and 6), Investigation of a number for Learning Journey, Have-Sun-Fun-Online (Through MAWA) and Counting 100 days of School. (PP and Year 1)
  • Numeracy Intervention. We have an EA working with Years 1-3 selected students providing extra tuition through motivating targeted game sessions.
  • Extension is provided in class using the WA curriculum and proficiency strands. We also use initiatives such as Have-Sun-Fun-Online and the Maths Talent Quest to provided additional opportunities.
  • Whole school Numeracy Day Scavenger Hunt