Ashdale Primary is a RoadWise school. The following information will ensure a hassle free and safe start to the new school year for parents and pupils.

Kiss ‘n’ Drive

The Kiss ‘n’ Drive lane operates at the front of the school near the staff carpark. Parents should access this pick up / drop off lane by turning left into the lane off Ashdale Boulevard. The lane is not a parking lane – parents should not leave their vehicle.

The angled parking on the east side of the school is not intended as a Kiss ‘n’ Drive. It is for parking only.

General Parking

Please try to park away from the main school area on the side streets and walk over to the school. This will free up traffic in front of the school and cut down on congestion at drop off and pick up times. Please do not park on corners, yellow lines or resident’s lawns. The school area is patrolled by Parking Wardens (City of Wanneroo rangers) and fines can be issued if you are in breach of any parking regulations, including parking on footpaths.

Walking to School

At Ashdale Primary the ‘Safe Routes to School’ program has been implemented. The project involves the identification of a safe route to school. Signage and footprints have been painted on paths around the school and nearby streets showing the safe route and reminding children to stop and look before crossing roads. The program also looks at the ongoing education of students and the local community concerning road safety for children. It is hoped that with the signs and footprints in place more students will walk or cycle to school, easing traffic congestion and encouraging them to be “active every day”.